Do You Get Anxious in Meetings and Presentations?


What would your life be like if you could speak to groups with ease and confidence?

The Sandra Zimmer Method works!

If you struggle with public speaking you have come to the right place. I know what you are going through. I understand how internal thoughts and physical sensations can overwhelm you to the point they distract you from being able to speak and share what you know. For many years I was terrified of speaking to groups. But it all changed when I taught myself how to tap into the energy underneath my fears and use it to empower my speaking. I was able to overcome my fear by learning to be authentic and you can too. Over the past 30 years, I have taught this method with remarkable results to thousands of business professionals; most notably Engineers, Architects, Attorneys, Medical, Sales, Entrepreneurs, and even leaders at Fortune 500 companies.

You have the potential to become a star at Public Speaking.

Imagine the possibility of being able to draw in energy from your audience. Imagine enjoying the "rush" of speaking to groups. Now is the time to turn your potential into your reality. It's your time to shine!


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Where rising stars come to transform fear of Public Speaking

21 short video sessions

Each session has a workbook for exercises and practice. You go at your own pace watching online, wherever and whenever you like.

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The Sandra Zimmer Difference

Sandra breaks down authentic public speaking into simple steps which lead you to a place where you will be surprised by your own natural speaking abilities.

Online video course for Public Speaking fear

Incredible value at $267. 


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How it Works

My method will be nothing less than a transformation, not only in how you speak, but how you think about speaking and how you think about yourself as a speaker. You will learn to free yourself up to be yourself no matter who is watching or listening. There are a total of 21 sessions to the Sandra Zimmer Method online, video course. And I guide you gently step-by-step to release your tension of being the center of attention and for you to become comfortable in your skin in front of others. Each session begins with a short video (average of about 10 minutes) and concludes with some practice exercises for you to do at your convenience. In the sessions I break down authentic public speaking into simple steps with each step building on the last and you gaining more confidence as you go. 

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Get started today with

Sandra Zimmer's online video course.

Incredible value at $267

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What You Learn

Realize your natural ability to speak to groups with ease and confidence.

Connect genuinely with listeners so you can be with them rather than talk at them.


Release trapped tension and anxiety that cause you to freeze at the center of attention.

Tap into nervous energy and use it to speak with passion.

Think on your feet to trust yourself to let thoughts and feelings flow.

Let go of trying to be perfect so you can focus on being real with listeners.

Ground yourself to feel calm and comfortable in your skin and to relax into being yourself.

Establish presence so you are able to stay in the moment and focus on what you want to say.

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What makes the Sandra Zimmer Method different?

The Sandra Zimmer Method is not a conventional approach to public speaking. Conventional approaches get conventional results. I want extraordinary results for you.

Like most of my clients, you are probably really good at what you do - maybe brilliant at what you do but are having trouble speaking with the same level of brilliance. My course is about transforming the tension that has been preventing you from being able to share your brilliance. It is about learning how to shine when you speak to groups!

Many people think the problem is about fear of public speaking; but it's actually not about speaking at all. At the point you are really good at something, you know how to speak and what to speak about. You speak about it every day. Someone asks you "How do you do that? Can you help me with this?" You open your mouth and the ideas to help that person just flow out.

Stage fright is simply about not being comfortable at the center of attention. It's about not feeling safe to be who you are....... in front of others. In this course you are going to learn to be comfortable being yourself when you speak to groups. You are going to learn how to be real with listeners and develop a style of speaking based on who you really are rather than who you think you should be. 

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How the Program Works

21 Short Videos

Watch, listen and learn as Sandra teaches online how to transform your fear of public speaking. Most videos are about 10 minutes long.


Program Workbook

A downloadable workbook accompanies each video session with practice exercises and supplemental materials.


Access From Anywhere

You set your own pace as Sandra guides you. Learn from home, work or on the go. Easy to save your spot and return later.

Sandra Zimmer has helped thousands of business professionals.

"Three people told me that they can hear my heart and Soul speaking when I got up to speak at that 3-day workshop. I got up and spoke in front of 300 people at least 5 times! Short, precise, and very profound and heart-felt! Even the instructor said, "WOW! Give her a hand!"

Tonica Pool
Mechanical Engineer, Chevron

"I have a whole new way of interacting with audiences with inner calm and presence. I can actually be with people in a way that invites their engagement and participation at a whole new level. I am no longer concerned with how I look or “doing it right.” The attention on my performance is minimal and my attention on my audience is paramount. The result is that both my audience and I have a whole lot more fun and get related quickly. "

Rob Longenecker

"My speech was life changing for me and for the audience. I was so connected to the group and everyone was connected with me. There were 400 people there including our CEO, VPs and Directors. People were crying and cheering! The people who knew that I have been terrified in the past were astounded at what I did. My CEO and VP said that I inspired them! "

Casey Davis
Boston Scientific

"Somehow, in your own style, you calmed everyone’s nerves and gave them the confidence to reach beyond what they thought they could do. Arriving later on Sunday night, I can’t fully appreciate the power of your transformational efforts but I am told, in certain cases, you were nothing short of a miracle worker. You helped this team shine! "

Maura Dunn,
COO & Chief HSE Officer, Infrastructures America, KBR

Let Sandra help you become the speaker you want to be.

If you want to take control of your life by becoming comfortable sharing your ideas, insights and expertise in groups, meetings and presentations, this program will teach you to open up and do just that.

Can you afford not to take advantage of this incredible value?


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Sandra Zimmer Method Course Content

Sandra Zimmer welcomes you to her method. She provides a brief overview of the process you’ll be going through to transform yourself into an authentic speaker, someone who is present, connected, engaging and speaks from the heart

Hear about Sandra’s past stage fright tension and sufferings. Learn what led her to create this method to transform stage fright and fear of public speaking. Her story will show that she understands what you are going through in your life.

Listen to the amazing story to learn the history behind what sparked this whole method. You will also establish some goals that you intend to achieve through this program.

Become acquainted with the 5 Core Concepts that are the fundamental building blocks of the Sandra Zimmer Method. These concepts lay a foundation for helping you think differently about stage fright and prepare you to transform your experience of public speaking.

The first core concept is Understanding Stage Fright. Before you can overcome stage fright, you have to understand it. Instead of thinking about stage fright as something wrong with you, learn to see it as potential energy that you can tap into to help you speak with passion.


The second core concept is What It Means to Be Authentic. Developing authenticity is a key ingredient in transforming your fear of public speaking. Being able to think your thoughts and feel your feelings in front of other people allows you the possibility of being genuine with them.


The third core concept is The Power of Presence. The internal experience of presence is quite amazing. Presence is a bodily-felt sense of being here now. It allows you to stay focused in the moment, free from distraction so you can project a sense of ease, poise and self-assurance.


The fourth core concept is The Effect of Grounding. In this session Sandra discusses grounding which is a mind/body meditation that helps you develop full-body awareness and presence. It gets you out of your head and into your body. When you get out of your head and relax more fully into your physical body, you automatically become more present and comfortable in your skin.


The fifth and final core concept is The Shift to Genuine Connection. Connection is a two way flow of attention that allows you to be with people rather than perform for them. Connecting genuinely shifts your experience from I am alone talking at you to we're here together.


Sandra introduces you to the 5 Transformative Steps To Authentic Speaking. This session provides an overview of the transformative steps. It will prepare you for what lies ahead as you start working with each of the steps individually.


The first of the transformative steps is Getting Warmed Up and Grounded. Warming up and grounding are essential to the success of this program. The warm up exercises prepare your body to experience grounding. The grounding exercise focuses your attention into your physical body which brings you into the present moment, creates comfort in your skin and helps you feel safe and solid.


Continue your practice of warming up and grounding in order to solidify your presence. The more you do the warm up and grounding exercises, the more present and comfortable in your skin you become.


The second transformative step is Paying Attention to the Tension. Paying attention to the tension will make you aware of sensations, thoughts and emotions that are distracting you from speaking. Awareness of these inner tensions will allow you to accept them as your inner climate and as who you are.


Continue to practice paying attention to the tension. As you increase your comfort paying attention to inner tensions, you’ll be ready for the next and very big step where you use your tensions to become authentic.


The third transformative step is Becoming Authentic by Expressing the Tension. Learn to release your tension and free your passion energy. Expressing your tensions and sharing some of your inner truth makes you genuine with listeners.


Continue working on becoming authentic by expressing the tension you feel when you are the center of attention. Once the tension is expressed and released, your thoughts are freed and your speech can flow unimpeded.


The fourth transformative step is Making Genuine Connection with listeners. Learn to get in touch with the audience in a palpable, spiritual way. Feel connected as though you and they are one. When you make genuine connection with a group there is a sense that we are here together rather than I am alone talking at you.


The fifth transformative step is Opening the Flow of Speech. Learn what you can do to get your talks going. Work on a few simple things you can say to jump start your talks and get your speech flowing.


Streaming your thoughts will help you think on your feet and speak from your heart. The skill of thinking on your feet requires trusting yourself to speak authentically in the moment. When you feel free to say what you really think and feel, then you can find your thoughts in the moment and speak them more easily.


Work with “Speech Structures” or simple templates to provide a framework for thinking on your feet. These practical tools are useful in helping you organize your thoughts quickly.


Complete the course with Sandra sharing the story of when all these skills came together for her as a speaker. In this final session, review the transformational process you have been through and learn some exercises to continue practicing authentic speaking.


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